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How to include a Journal in PubMed

Biojournal Desk, Tuesday, May 26, 2020


To include any Journal in PubMed one must apply for the inclusion in PMC (PubMed Central).

PMC is an electronic Archive contains full text of scientific articles for free. On the other hand PubMed is an citation and abstract database of articles. (Ref-1)

Any journal included in PMC will automatically indexed in PubMed as soon as processed by PMC. (Ref-2)

Requirement of Journals:
a) Proper ISSN
b) For established Publishers minimum 15 research/review articles must be published.
c) For any other Publishers minimum 30 research/review articles must be published.

How to Apply :
To begin Application process of PMC Publishers have to send an email to with following information (Ref-3)
a) Why to you want to include your Journal in PMC
b) Name of the Publisher
c) Title of the Journal
d) Site address (URL) of the Journal
e) Link of the editorial board
f) Link of the editorial policies
g) Link of the peer review process
h) Link of policies on conflict of interest, human rights, animal rights and informed consent

After the application PMC may also request for additional information. Please provide the information accurately to include your Journal as soon as possible.

Evaluations of scientific quality Standard:
Operation Division of NLM will determine the scientific quality of the Journal. During this process they will follow the collection development manual of the National Library of Medicine and also seek advice of expert Consultant.

Technical Evaluation of Journal:
For technical evaluation publisher must submit at least 50 articles in XML format as sample set. Please remember you have to submit the followings for each article in PMC
a) XML data file for each article
b) Original High Resolution figures
c) PDF of the Article
d) Supplementary files

Before applying for PMC please start practicing the standard format and improve the Journals technical side. To follow up PMC also seek for the following information in the XML file:
a) ISSN or Other unique Journal ID
b) Name of the publisher
c) Copyright Statement (if applicable)
d) License Statement (if applicable)
e) Volume number
f) Issue number (if applicable)
g) Correct Pagination
h) Publication dates

For more information Please visit the Referred link below: