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Best 10 Online Tools for Scientific Publications (Researchers Tools)

Biojournal Desk, Wednesday, May 27, 2020


During manuscript preparation we need a lot of help form online resources such as literature search, find suitable journal for publishing, reference management, drawing figures etc. We all about some common resource like NCBI and google search but to make it perfect you will surely become interested to know about the following online tools. These tools will not only help you to search literatures or journals but also to smooth your manuscript preparation process.

1. PubMed
PubMed is a free search engine provides access to millions of scientific articles for researchers. There are many other scientific search engines but PubMed is really different in the sense that it also provides quality control in scholarly publishing by indexing certain journals that only met PubMed inclusion criteria. PubMed search pull abstracts of matched terms and provide abstracts, author details, journal name as well as link of the full text articles (either to the PMC or main journal link).

2. DupliChecker


Plagiarism has become one of major concern in scientific publishing now a day. Therefore researchers often need to verify if their manuscript has any duplicate content or not. There are many great tools out there giving free services for this kind of work. Duplicate checker is one such tool that is 100% free for use and provides a quick check for your document. You can also use PaperRater for better report like grammatical checking and word suggestions with plagiarism checking. It is also free but also comes with premium packages.

3. Google Scholar

google scholar

Google Scholar is a free search engine and indexing site for academic publications. But it gives us many more services absolutely free. Scholar metrics for journals are getting more attentions day by day which are also considered as alternative metrics of Impact factor. Google Scholar Tools gives you to save any research work in your scholar library, saving own citation, alert settings in addition with search.

4. Directory of Open Access Journals

directory of open access journal

Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) is probably only one of its kind where researchers can truly find open access journals for their manuscript submission. Finding a suitable journal for manuscript submission is a tough choice, as we need to find related discipline or topics, we may have our own country priority or publisher priority or sometimes we are looking for journals that do not charge for publication. In this scenario DOAJ is just perfect for you. DOAJ have advanced search systems (also with instant filtering which amazing) both for searching articles and journals. It provides subjects, publisher, publication charges, journal language, ISSN(s), keywords, home page and Country of publisher at a glance therefore giving opportunity to compare them at once.

5. Academia


Academia is the most popular social networking site for scientific researchers. It the platform that gives opportunity share and discuss research works and ideas.

6. Docollab
Have you ever experineced that suddenly your hard drive has crashed and your all research writings are are gone. Docollab can certainly help you one this matter. Not only you can keep your research notes on this digital notebook but also share and collaborate with your collegues and teammates. The best thing is docollab is absolutely free!

7. ACS ChemWorx


This wonderful tool is similar to docollab but is focused only for reference management. It can made you reference management easier by providing the facility to share references with the colleagues you choose, generate bibliographic automatically, file and manage your reference folder and access them from anywhere or any device of your choice.

8. Authorea
Imagine a situation where multiple authors are giving input for a single manuscript together or each author is accessing the continuously updated manuscript together. Well this is very much possible to achieve by authorea. If your manuscript is needed to be edited by multiple author or you need to check the document continuously while someone is writing the manuscript just go for authorea and it’s free to use.

9. Gliffy
During manuscript preparation editing or creating figures are one of the great challenges for researches specially diagrams or flowcharts which used frequently in biological manuscript to describe the methods. Gliffy is an online diagram tool with existing templates. Therefore if you feel interested you can give it a shot.

10. LazyScholar
lazy scholar
LazySholar is not an online tool rather it is an extension that help researchers to find literature from online.