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Manuscript Review Process of Biojournal

Biojournal Desk, Monday, October 8, 2018


To ensure transparency we have outlined our review process in the following for our authors.

[1] Submission of manuscript is only allowed  via online editorial system. All manuscripts are submitted to online submission system and an editor is assigned for the newly submitted manuscript by the chief editor.

[2] Dynamic communication between author and editor is maintained via editorial management system rather direct communication with the editor. This process allows us to restrict editor-author secret interaction during the review process.

[3] The manuscript is primarily reviewed by the assigned editor to evaluate the relevancy and quality of the article.

[4] The manuscript is then send to at least two reviewers (assigned by the editor) for their comments about the manuscript.

[5] In the mean time one of the editorial team members is assigned to check the common spelling mistake, grammatical errors and plagiarism.

[6] Finally all the opinions and comments are compiled and send to the author to take necessary steps.

[7] After receiving the revised manuscript it is again evaluated by the editor and rechecked.

[8]  After getting affirmative response from the editor the manuscript is sent to author for galley-proof with instructions to send the article processing charge.

Generally editors evaluate the answers of reviewer by author for usual cases but technical answers are again reviewed by the reviewer of the question.

To check plagiarism following  online  tools are used:

Anti-Plagiarism, DupliChecker, PaperRater, Plagiarisma, PlagiarismChecker, Plagium, PlagTracker, Viper, SeeSources, Plagiarism Detector, SmallSEO

We ask for reviewer suggestions from author but it is entirely up to editor whether he/she would like to send the manuscript to those reviewers. Editors never use both of the suggested reviewers for the same manuscript in any situation.

If major difference in reviewers comments is observed, editor may send the manuscript to third reviewer or take necessary advice from editor-in-chief.

If extensive review is necessary we do offer remuneration to our reviewers for review process.