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How to get DOI for your Journal

Biojournal Desk, Wednesday, February 22, 2017


DOI is digital object identifier governed by International DOI Foundation (IDF) and managed by federation of Registration Agencies. Click here to see all the Registration Agencies for DOI. (Ref-1)

CrossRef is the popular association of scholarly publishers provides DOI for scientific articles. It is also the official DOI Provider for scholarly publications.

CrossRef offer various membership packages starting from 275$ for < 1 million dollar revenue. Click here to view other publisher’s fees. (Ref-2)

Qualification for membership:
Here are some common attribute (Ref-3) that a journal must carry before applying for DOI from CrossRef:
a) Publish scholarly contents (Scientific articles)
b) Must be available in online (Full text of articles should be present in online)
c) Must submit metadata as defined by PILA
d) ISSN must be present
e) Article numbers if used must be different (each article should be presented by unique identifier)

How to apply:
Publishers will have to request for a membership form via the website of CrossRef with the following info
a) Representative Name
b) Title of the Journal
c) Email, Phone, Full address with Zip code
d) Name of the Company
e) Type of the Company
f) Preference of Communication